Fall 2020 Seed A Legacy Application

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Fall Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in planting habitat to support honey bees, monarch butterflies, native pollinators, and other wildlife! Please review the Program Guidelines prior to completing this application. Please complete all required fields; answer N/A if a question does not apply or your application will not successfully submit. Click the SUBMIT button to complete your application.

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Proposed Habitat Project Site Information
If you are interested in applying for more than one proposed habitat site, please submit a separate application form for each site.

Applicant Agreement

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Please upload two (2) aerial photos as described below and three (3) photos the proposed site taken this spring in order to help evaluate the current site condition and site preparation activities.
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Please review your application to ensure all required questions have been completed. Do not leave required questions blank or your application will not successfully submit. If a question does not apply, please answer N/A.

After you have reviewed your application for accuracy, click SUBMIT. You will receive confirmation of a successful submission by email to the address listed in this application. Questions? Contact us at info@beeandbutterflyfund.org or call 800-407-5337.

“The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund is the bees’ buzz! The effort is integrating the very best performing habitat solutions where they are most needed, by bringing landowners and beekeepers together in a program where everyone benefits. It’s our goal to make every available acre the best it can be. It’s truly amazing just how much difference an acre can make when the habitat is engineered for maximum productivity!”

Zac Browning, Co-owner, Browning’s Honey Co., Inc.

“This project is a unique conservation effort, targeting acres in regions where conversion to soy and corn is happening very fast. By identifying places where habitat makes the most sense, the bottom line improves for the grower, the beekeeper, the monarch, upland songbirds and game birds, honey bees and native pollinators – it’s a program that can’t lose!”

Danielle Downey, Executive Director, Project Apis m.

"The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund is unique in that it has found the way to plant cost-effective pollinator habitat that establishes quickly and provides great pollinator benefits. It's the trifecta of getting great pollinator benefits onto the landscape. If we try to solve the critical problems for pollinators using the same tools and methods we have used for the last decade, we won’t be successful. The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund brings new strategies, methods and partners together to save monarch butterflies, honey bees and other pollinators, not to mention the nation’s food supply and beautiful landscapes."

Peter S. Berthelsen, Partnership Coordinator, The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund